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Reiki: A Guide To Your Practice of Reiki Energy Healing

What makes this book unique:

Complementary or alternitive medicine, now more accurately called integrative medicine, is one of the fastest growing aspects of health care today. And in the field of integrative medicine, Reiki is one of the fastest growing disciplines. There are over a million practitioners in the Western world and the number increases daily. Reiki is simple, easily learned, easily applied, and it works - the effects are often profound. Because Reiki classes are usually conducted over a weekend, practitioners at all levels are looking for more to read about this simple and profound technique.

This book - Reiki - A Guide to Your Practice of Reiki Energy Healing discusses the two major aspects of Reiki application: self healing, and using this technique to treat others and support their process of healing. The book gives clear and readable information on the anatomy and physiology of the body, treatment positions and what they effect; the philosophic components of healing; the process of treatment.

The book has three major divisions:

  1. Background information on the physical and emotional processes of healing in the body, discussion of the philosophic components of this system and energetic healing in general, with a comparison of varying forms of energetic healing

  2. Clear discussion of the treatment positions, including the anatomy and physiology of major organs, glands and systems and how they work together in the body; specific discussion of "emotional physiology", or how emotions can interrelate with the physical body and its functions; line drawings to illustrate hand positions for treatment with clear instructions for each

  3. Discussion of the practice of Reiki on self and others, including ethics and etiquette of treatment, and guidelines for becoming a professional practitioner

Written by a teaching Master with over thirteen years experience,
this book is useful for both the personal and professional practitioner.

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